Wednesday, 27 May 2009


And again with my daughter i tried to use a montessori method to fit with her normal school we made addition this way...but...for her counting on her fingers was easier and faster than doing the activity....makes me sad...but i will try again in the holidays...

Monday, 23 February 2009

Tens and Units

My daughter is having at school now the Tens and i am trying to find the matching activtiy in the montessori to help her understand and i am sure that it is more fun with the montessori..and i see this can be the problem when a child is attending a normal school because any curriculum doesn't go like the montessori. the montessori covers everything in all subjects by turn or how can i say it...ahh nothing is skiped in montessori when we start fraction we go along with fraction with everything...maybe one can take time in a step but this too is very important because i don't skip any step if i am not sure that the child did understand the whole concept..but with normal school curriculums they start the fraction and than they leave daughter took half and quarter and that was it....and maybe the next time they will do the fraction can be in year 2 or something and till than she maybe did forget the idea..but with montessori the activity is there all the time, the child can do it again and again so the child will not forget what fractions are, and maybe covers ather steps in the fraction beside doing everything else in the other areas...i don't know if my idea is clear enought...hope it is..

So in this picture we used the activity from N from the Learning ark to practice the Tens and Units...
My problem is that i most of the time don't stick to the montessori orders as for mats and directions and so...and that is because i am not trained, and if i stop till i get trained and understand and do everything as in the book i won't ever please if you see wrong directions or no mats or somethings like that please tell me if it influences the activity or the understanding of the child so i can correct myself as good as i can..

Practical life activity

My 3 year old son is doing the water transferring activtity with the pipette.For him was the new thing to know how to let water be transferred with the pipette for my daughter was the challenge to fill the whole pipette with water...


My daughter did this scene of a party with the tessalation..she surprised me because she doesn't always show that she is interested in art...she put two girls and she used the rest of the pieces for decoration.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Tens Board

I was working with my daughter with the Teen board. She is in a normal school so somtimes she does know some things but you know i find that she doesn't understand the concept as it is and that is from the magnificant things about Montessori, and that it goes through every single detail, so when i once asked her put me 23 with beads (we did the bead stair and at school she took the larger numbers but i didn't work with her) so she put the 2 and the 3. i asked her to count and she found them five she was very surprised and i wanted to cry so i started the whole thing over with her. Here we did the Tens board twice and i did put her any number and she got the beads for them. i hope she got it now and i will start working with her with the number cards. i did them.. very handmade because i didn't have ink for the printer so i did them like the pre-computer age with paper, ruler and colours...i really forgot how to work without the pc..want only to laminate them...


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A montessori class in our house...Hurray

This is my daughter's bedroom while putting everything away. i did empty the room from all the toys that can't be organized. Stuff like kitchen tools they life to play with, so i bought them a small kitchen, so they can put the things and this will be the place for the kitchen tools.

This is a corner in the room after organizing. This corner is meant to be for practical life activities and sensorial activities. This is a picture of everything we have in the room.Here i did put on the shelves what i use with my 6 years old daughter...

How did Noon and Nun meet...

Noon is a trained certified montessori mother, who was herself a montessori child...mad with the montessori approach very convinced and so she gave it to me, a normal educated mother, who found that the montessori approach is how i am trying to educate my children but didn't know was like i found the treasure i've been searching i found all this with Noon...and it turned to be a montessori MADNESS, that we wanted to share with everybody....